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Sarees – The Elegant Drape Resembling Indian Culture

One of the most elegant outfits that can fill a woman with glory, beauty, and ethnicity of Indian culture is a saree. A saree is suitable for women of all age groups. Every Indian state has their own form of sarees that is draped in different ways using various kinds of jewellery like neckpieces, bangles, rings, earrings, and tons more. Usually this outfit, also portrayed as a part of the beauty of Indian culture, is draped over a blouse, and a petticoat. There are many online saree options that one can choose from the House of KSARA online store starting from party wear, to designer, traditional, and even wedding sarees, and lay their hands on the latest saree collection.

The History of Sarees

The actual history of a saree dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization where one can trace the origin of a clothing which resembles a saree. Basically the word sari got formed from the Sanskrit word ‘ śāṭikā’ which means an attire for a woman in the Hindu literature. In ancient times, cotton, and dyes like indigo, turmeric, and red madder were used to craft the beautiful saree collection in India followed by silk. 

Best Saree Fabrics For Different Body Types

Pear Shaped Body

This body type has wider hips with a narrow upper body hence this Indian figure type should always be sticking to georgette or linen sarees along with the most traditional banarasi sarees would flaunt this body type perfectly.

Petite Body

These women usually are slim, and have a short height so they should be choosing something that makes them appear to have a taller appearance. Hence designer saris, heavy cotton saris, tissue sarees, organza sarees, and tussar sarees are the best possible options.

Tall and Slim Body

The ones with this body type can easily fit and carry around any fabric easily. Most women who are tall, and slim can get themselves cotton, georgette, tussar, raw silk, and linen pallu sarees even with broad borders.

Apple-Shaped Body

These women are the opposite of a pear shaped with larger bust as compared to their hips. These women should definitely try fabrics like silk sarees with bold prints, heavy statement jewellery, and embroidered work to stand out from the rest.

Hourglass Body

These women have the most blessed body types with the perfect curves and can definitely add that oomph when wearing a saree. The best saree that would do justice to this body is georgette, and chiffon in dark colors like black, and red hence giving them a slimming effect.

How to Care for Indian Sarees?

Every saree has a different fabric, and must be taken care of in the following different ways:

Cotton Saris

These Saris should only be washed with cold water separately. Also, it would cause discoloration if it is soaked in water for long hours. To maintain the actual shape of the saree storing them with starch is a smart option.

Silk Sari

A silk saree is one of the most costliest sarees that require high maintenance. For storing wrapping the saree in a muslin cloth so that air can properly pass is the best way. Also the saree must be kept away from sunlight in a place where moisture cannot form. Dry cleaning is the safest way to clean up a silk saree after wearing it.

Tissue or Organza Sari

These kinds of sarees require special care because they need to be dry cleaned, and then wrapped in Muslin Cloth after every use. Hanging or folding these sarees may damage them in the long run as it can create unwanted wrinkles.

Chiffon and Georgette Sari

Chiffon and georgette fabrics are the ones that tend to get damaged if not stored properly. Do not dare to mix these while washing. The correct way to wash these sarees is by washing with mild detergent, and lukewarm water. First soak for at least 30 minutes prior to washing. For storing the saree, fold it properly, and then keep it in your wardrobe.

House of KSARA: Shop The Best Saree

Ksara has a huge collection of fantastic saree designs online catering to the different needs of women in different color, and fabric options. Order without having to hustle out of your homes to pick your favorite stylish designer saree.


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