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The Beauty of Lehengas

The most common ethnic attire that rings a bell for women when they hear of Indian weddings is a gorgeous Lehenga Dress. A lehenga is better known as an ankle length skirt that is teamed up with a blouse or choli. A Lehenga is one of the prettiest piece of clothing that a woman can own in her wardrobe. Lehengas make a woman stylish without letting them lose their dignity, and at the same time follows Indian trends. There are lehengas with different gheras, and styles that suit almost all body types.

Lehengas are popularly known as Chaniya or Ghagra Choli amongst the Gujaratis, It is also called Ghaghra Choli and Chaniya Choli in Gujarat, Patu Pavadai blouse in southern India, and Sharara Choli in Muslim countries.

Now it is very easy to shop for designer lehengas in the market, as compared to older times in the past. If you want to shop for lehengas online that are classy, and elegant at the same time, and also want to check out pretty designer lehengas online then the House of KSARA is the one stop destination for all your designer lehenga needs! 

The Alluring History of Lehenga Dress

The inception of lehenga choli in India started from the Mughal era, and since then it became one of the most popular outfits for weddings and festivals. Irrespective of their classes women adorned this attire due to its elegant fit, and flare style that could flaunt every shape, and size. The lehenga was also worn as the lower portion of a langa voni or a ghagra choli. Different patterns including gota patti traditional embroideries were used to stitch up the lehengas beautifully.

As time passed, these traditional lehengas evolved, and started getting decorated with embellishments, mirrors, sparkles, sequins, and also started getting paired with contrasting blouses, tops, and kurtis of various kinds. In modern times designer lehengas are even getting customized based on the climate, like for cooler states, fabrics that are heavy are used, and for warmer states lighter ones are picked up.

The Different Types of Lehenga Dress

Flared Lehengas

This kind of a designer lehenga is a completely new concept wherein the lehenga forms a broad flare that gives an illusion of a full circle at the hem, and has a huge volume, are traditional yet stylish at the same time. So if you want to look and feel gorgeous like a princess, you can choose this particular style.

Ruffled Lehenga Choli

This lehenga design is in trend these days with ruffles on the shirt, which gives a sophisticated, and ravishing look.

Jacket Lehengas

If you’re someone who is ready to flaunt an indo-western style then these jacket lehengas are one of the best lehengas to own. These lehengas dresses usually come with a ghagra, a choli or a blouse, and a matching jacket that complements the dress and makes it look trendy.

Long Choli Lehengas

Long choli lehengas have long designer kurtis or even flared peplum tops instead of the usual cropped cholis. These are perfect for women who want to look classy yet not revealing much of their skin. 

Panelled Lehengas

This kind of online lehengas have a volumized skirt that gives a modern, and voluminous look.

Some Unfamiliar Truths about Lehenga Choli

  • When lehengas started getting popular in India they could only be afforded by the affluent people in the society as these were found embroidered with pure silver, and gold motifs. The other section of the society then customized these by adding works of mirror, and sequins to cotton lehengas that became famous in northern states of India.
  • There is a common belief that Motifs found on the lehenga dresses cater to the mughal dynasty. But even these days some of the legacy is still to be found through the designer lehengas. 
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