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About House of kSara

House of kSara by Shradha Saraf is a luxury fashion label since 2002, known for its elegance, comfort and sustainability to empower “her” as she strives to conquer the world.

The mantra for House of kSara is to create timeless classics in a world full of trends where every piece is meticulously hand crafted by local artisans that have been handed over the know how through generations. Drawing inspiration from all the magnificent colors and designs that nature offers, we create garments that are environment friendly and can be cherished forever.

About Shradha Saraf

Shradha Saraf is a creative entrepreneur. She started her career in advertising and founded a graphic design studio before launching her eponymous fashion label in 2002. In 2008 she curated a  high end fashion & lifestyle event in the city of Kolkata. This went on to become a much sought after event of luxury brands & artisans from the world over.

She is recipient of the Millennium Ma’am’s Entrepreneurship award and a member of The Creative Arts group where she expresses herself through theater.

Shradha is also a mother to 2 beautiful young girls, now 17 & 19 years of age… who are planning to join her and are slated to study fashion at Parsons, New York to hone their skills.

Shradha loves traveling, pursuing a holistic lifestyle, while also pushing new boundaries and challenging herself by trying her hands at things like boxing or be it trekking to the Everest Base Camp.

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